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Email Attendance Secretary

If your student must be absent, please send a note containing the following:

Student’s name

Date(s) of absence

Reason of absence

Parent signature

A total of 10 parent notes can be accepted each school year. All remaining absences must be covered by a medical excuse.

You may contact the Attendance Secretary via email or phone (864-472-8402 ext. 3251) if your student will not be attending school. If contacting by phone, please also send a written excuse for these absences.

Truancy is defined as:

A child, at least 12 but not yet 17 years old, who has accumulated three consecutive unlawful absences or a total of five unlawful absences.

Tardy Policy

Tardies Consequences

1 Warning

2 Warning

3 Warning

4 Detention Hall (2 hours)

5 Detention Hall (2 hours)

6 Detention Hall (2 hours)

7 ISS 1 Day

8 ISS 1 Day

9 OSS 1 Day

Tardy count restarts each nine weeks.

A total of 5 parent notes for Tardy days are accepted each year.

Physical Address: 35 Oakland Ave | Inman, SC 29349
Phone: 864-472-8402 | Fax: 864-472-7438
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