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Beginning of the Year

Dear Parents, We are excited about the new 2017-18 school year and all of the wonderful learning that will take place! This year, our school theme is “From the Mountains to the Sea, CGS in the place to be.” Sixth grade is a transition from elementary to middle school. Our goal is that our students will begin to accept more responsibility for their daily school activities and their behavior. During this first week, we will be explaining and practicing the sixth grade procedures and rules. A copy of our classroom management plan is attached to this letter. We will be using the app/website, Class Dojo, to record positive and negative behaviors that occur in class. Parent communication is essential to a successful school year. Sixth grade uses several communication tools. Students will be writing their homework assignments in the agenda daily. Also, assignment dates are recorded in Google Classroom. We will go over important information in the online student handbook. Please look over this information with your child, especially the dress code. Class Dojo will record behavior, work completion and reminders. We encourage you to sign up for this free app. Lastly, we STRONGLY encourage you to sign up for Parent Portal. This online service will enable you to check your child’s grades and averages in each class. Please contact the front office to enroll. If you would like a glimpse of our week-to-week activities, please check the school website. Please feel free to contact us anytime by phone (472-9110) or email. Our planning time is at the end of the day from 1:45 to 2:25. We all hope to have an excellent year!

October, 2017

 This month we are reading a variety of texts about disasters.  This ties in with their weather study in Science.  We will be comparing and contrasting texts about hurricanes and tsunamis.  After, we will begin to study narrative nonfiction stories and we will write our own!


Students will be required to read 20 minutes each night and complete a reading response.  Cohort students will  do this online, all others will do this on a paper reading log.  
Each week, students will have a reading assignment that is assigned on Monday and will be due on Thursday.  If we are out on Monday, the assignment will be given on Tuesday.  It will still be due on Thursday!  Diligent reading practice makes great readers! 
I am so excited about a new Grammar program that I will begin using.  It is called noredink.  
Each Monday I will either assign the students grammar practice on Noredink or a reading comprehension activity.  Both assignments are due on Thursdays.


“A Focused Approach” Discipline Plan 6th Grade 2017-18 In sixth grade we choose to: Find the courage it takes to grow up and be who I really am. Be on task- especially with Chromebooks (no games or music during instruction, etc.) Practice active listening Ask questions Open up to challenges so that I can be successful in middle school. Follow procedures & directions the first time Hall manners- quiet, not blocking hall, no line cutting, no running, no jumping Lunch manners Clean up after yourself Care and be kind, for everyone I meet is fighting a hard battle. Speak courteously Sportsmanship at recess/PE Work without disturbing others Be a friend Follow the Golden Rule (Treat people the way you want to be treated) Understand that my dreams are achieved as a result of my actions. Complete homework on time* Complete classwork on time* Study for tests and quizzes Follow my study plan Set myself up for success so that anything can be possible. Chromebooks must be charged daily* Must have materials such as pencils, notebooks, etc daily* Must have materials in class instead of locker* Organized folders, notebooks, book bags Write my assignments down * No Warning will be given for these behaviors after the first week of school. These are essential for middle school success!* Teachers and students will define FOCUS on the first days of school and create a poster/chart for display. Students are to follow FOCUS at all times and are held personally accountable for their actions. Teachers will use Class Dojo website/app to record behavior. We believe in recording positive behaviors as well as behaviors that “Need Work.” We strongly encourage parents and students to use Class Dojo daily. Your student should be able to explain all Dojos given. A print out of the Dojos for the week will be sent home on Fridays. All Dojos must come back signed by Tuesday. Offenses: Warning: Teacher will place Dojo warning on the student’s desk. If the behavior continues, a “Needs work” Dojo will be recorded. Students with 9 “Needs work” Dojos during the semester will spend time in after school detention. Each accumulation of 9 will result in detention. The total count of “Needs Work” Dojos will reset after 1st semester. Rewards: Students who have a 100% on their Dojo report for the week will receive 10 minutes of extra recess on the following Friday. The students who have not earned a 100% will spend 10 minutes reflecting on changes that need to be made in their behavior. At the end of each semester, students with a 90% or better will participate in a grade level behavior reward day. Homework Students who do not have homework will receive a “Needs work” Dojo. They will complete the missing work during “working lunch” and during recess at “workroom” happening until the work is complete. This category is by far the most common “Needs Work” Dojo. There is daily homework in Math. In ELA, for the most part, assignments are given on Monday and are due on Thursday. Social Studies and Science homework is to study for quizzes and tests. Assignments are listed on the website and should be written in the student’s agenda daily.

Physical Address: 250 Fagan Avenue | Campobello, SC 29322
Phone: (864) 472-9110 | Fax: (864) 468-4210
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