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Mabry Middle School’s Dress Code Policy


Generally, student dress is considered appropriate as long as it does not distract others, interfere with the instructional program, or otherwise cause disruption. Please note the following specific rules concerning dress and refer to the district policy on dress code:


1.  No halter tops, tank tops, tube tops; no bare midriffs; mesh net jerseys, or bike shorts.

2.  No t-shirts with slogans or pictures that are vulgar or suggestive, have tobacco, alcohol, drug logos, gang insignias, inappropriate rock groups, or are otherwise offensive or provocative.

3.  No short shorts, cut-off shorts, jogging shorts, or swim shorts. All shorts or skorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the kneecap. Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 2 inches above the kneecap, even if leggings are worn underneath.

4.   As a matter of good manners, a hat or hood may not be worn in the building. Remove it when you enter the building and keep it off all day. Hats, hoods, etc. worn inside will be taken and not returned until the end of the day.

5.   Pants must be worn at or above the hipbone. Students who wear pants that are too baggy will be considered in violation of the dress code and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

6.   All clothing must be worn in an appropriate manner and no student may wear clothing that depicts gang membership. Jewelry that is suggestive or depicts drug or alcohol insignias is forbidden. No studded jewelry or heavy chains.

7.   No holes, tears, rips, frays, etc. in pants/shorts anywhere located above the knees are allowed – even if leggings/shorts are worn underneath. No patches or tape allowed.

8.   To eliminate classroom distractions, no unnatural hair color is allowed at any time (green, pink, purple, etc).

*Any violation of the dress code will result in a referral and the parent being called to bring the student a change of clothing.

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