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The language arts teachers, grades 9-12, of District One are committed to teaching the essentials for each grade level in the state objectives. Achieving skills in all aspects of language arts is developing the ability to fulfill a basic need communication. Promotion of intellectual development through guided study of the living language its spoken grammar and usage, its written composition, its spelling, its literature, and its application, along with the listening and speaking skills it involves is the primary function of any language arts curriculum. These aspects of language study should facilitate a child's intellectual growth through precise and repetitive use of such desirable adjunctive skills as organization, inference, classification, and criticism. It is imperative that a good language arts curriculum meet the needs of all students no matter what their ability levels or future plans, as all students are ultimately called upon to use their communicative skills as adults. It is increasingly important that they be capable of intelligent interpretation of the mass media with which they are daily confronted. Students should be made aware of the requirements of an increasingly verbal society.
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