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District One supports the fine arts experiences and training in a variety of classroom and performance settings. The mission of the fine arts program is to develop talent and independence in our students. Also, to encourage life-long skills, practice habits, and experiences. Fine Arts is an integral part of every society; District One includes formal training as part of their total educational program in an effort to enrich the lives of all students. Through fine arts, students gain an awareness of historical and cultural heritage, and they learn to perceive, create and value music.

A well-rounded education includes courses from the Visual and Performing Arts. Not only do colleges and universities seek well-rounded students, but also there is evidence suggest students involved in visual and performing arts do better in core academic subjects and on college entrance exams.

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Art: Ms. Jennifer Telleri and Mrs. Ashley Burnett

Band: Mr. Kevin Horton and Mrs. Jessica Wofford

Chorus:- Ms. Rebecca Rostron

Orchestra: Mrs. Jeanette Kuhn

Theater- Dr. Carrie Roberts

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