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When do I pay for my child's meals?

You may pay for your child's meals on Mondays or Fridays. You may pay daily, weekly, or monthly. On Thursday of each week, the lunchroom will send a statement of your child's account. If there is a (-) before the total amount, then that is how much you have in the account. If there is a - before the amount, then that is how much you owe. All questions regarding payments are referred to the cafeteria.

 My Payments Plus Program

This wonderful new program is up and running in District One. We have decided to use this online payment service. What this means for you and your students is;

-View lunch account balances.

-View transaction history.

-Receive paperless balance reminders.

-Pay your bill online with a Credit/Debit Card or online Check.

It is fast, simple, and such a wonderful tool that will save you time and energy. Please feel free to check out the website. All you will need to get started is about five minutes of your time and your ID number (which is available from your cafeteria manager or your student’s school).

The website is:

Why do I have to complete a free lunch application every year?

The federal government requires that a new application be completed within the first 30 days of every school year. It is best that you do this at registration. Once the 30 days have passed and there is no application on file in the cafeteria, you will be charged full price for lunch meals. Breakfast is free for all students.

What time does school start?

The first bell rings at 7:40 and the second bell is at 7:45 and instruction begins. Anyone that is not in homeroom at that time is considered tardy. School ends at 2:30 PM.

What do I do when my child is absent?

When your child is absent from school you are not required to call the school. When the student returns, you must send either a note from the doctor or a note written by the parent stating:

Child’s first and last name
Reason of absence
Date of absence
Parent signature

A child absence will be considered excused or unexcused by guidelines stated in the District One Attendance Policy. Excessive absences from school require a doctor’s statement.

We do not interrupt classes to get make-up work. Students are allowed 5 days to make up work because of absences.

What if my child is a car rider?

Students who ride to school in cars are released at 2:30 p.m. Because of the large numbers of cars moving through the traffic circle, we urge you to drive with extreme caution to protect our students and refrain from using a cell phone until you exit the circle. Please note the following traffic guidelines:

Drop off students on the main traffic circle in front of the new wing. Traffic becomes heavy here around 7:35 am. If you arrive earlier than this time, traffic flows smoothly.

Drop off lower grade students at the new wing entry and upper grade students at the long canopy. If you are dropping off an upper grade student, when you enter the traffic circle move to the left lane and proceed passed the right lane of traffic. All traffic will merge upon exiting the traffic circle. So , proceed with caution.

For afternoon dismissal, form a single file line. Once all grade levels have exited the building, watch for a signal to form double lines of traffic. All traffic must be at a complete stop before we will load any student into a car. All traffic must remain still while students are being assisted to their cars. Please watch for traffic directions and refrain from distractions such as use of a cell phone.

When does my child eat lunch?

K4  11:30 am 

K5 11:05 am

1st Grade 11:40 am

2nd Grade 12:00 noon

3rd Grade 11:35 am

4th Grade 12:05 pm

5th Grade 12:15 pm

Mrs.Greene's Class 11:00 am

Cost: Student lunch $2.45
          Adult breakfast is $2.20 and Adult lunch is $3.70


What afterschool programs are available for my child?

We are proud to announce that we have received a 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant to fund a free after school program for our 1st through 5th grade students. Two Spartanburg County Schools will share a $375,000 grant. O.P. Earle Elementary in District One and Pacolet Elementary School in District Three were among the schools selected from South Carolina to receive funds from Thirteen 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants.

The federally funded grants are authorized by the No Child Left Behind law and awarded through a competitive process. The awarded grants provide a multitude of scientifically research-based best practices to serve students. The grant will be managed by the Boys and Girls Club afterschool program and will operate Monday through Friday from 2:30-6:00 PM and will follow the school schedule for holidays and teacher workdays. The program will follow the research-based youth development strategy of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, featuring a balanced weekly schedule covering five core areas: Education, Character & Leadership, Life Skills, Arts, and Fitness. Family Literacy events and learning opportunities will be offered to family representatives.

We are excited to be able to implement this grant and we feel that, in these difficult financial times, this program will provide quality child care and academic assistance at no cost to parents.

Ms. Courtney Edwards is the Program Director and can be reached at 864-809-7806 to answer your questions.

What is the school phone numbers?

Main school number – 457-3416
Fax -- 457-3913
Cafeteria - 457-3614
Boys and Girls Club – 864-809-7806

I want my child to ride the bus, what should I do?

Come by the school and complete a bus transportation form. Mrs. Lana O'Shields, the assistant principal can explain this process and answer your questions. If you live within 1 ½ miles of the school, we can not offer bus transportation according to state law.

What measures are taken to keep my child safe during the school day?

We have a School Crisis Plan in place that is updated yearly. All main doors are locked during the school day, with the exception of the door that leads directly into the office. All visitors must enter this door, sign in, and get a visitor’s ID badge prior to entering the building. Students are supervised by adults all during the day. Special safety precautions are taken at drop-off and pick-up times. Adults may be asked to show a picture ID and/or proof of identity when picking up students. Security cameras are located throughout the building. A Spartanburg County Sheriff’s deputy serves as our School Resource Officer and he patrols our campus.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

You may call the school (457-3416) and arrange for a conference. You may email your child’s teacher through email teacher'sfirstname.teacher' (example: You may send a note by your child to set up a meeting time. The school does not give out teacher’s home/cell phone numbers. 

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