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It is our intent to weave a program of mathematical studies, which is flexible and responsive to the present and future needs of all students. We embrace change as an integral part of a dynamic instructional program, which produces mathematically literate citizens capable of succeeding in an ever-changing technological society. We envision a common core of relevant mathematical concepts that empower all students with the tools necessary to be successful in an information-based, technology-driven economy. Mathematical knowledge, as with all learning, should not be limited to the classroom, but should be used as a tool to enhance the discovery of the world. To facilitate the discovery approach to learning, students will be taught in an active, participatory environment. Accordingly, students' progress and performance will be assessed in a manner consistent with what and how they are taught.


  1. Students must become mathematical problem solvers.
  2. Students must be able to reason mathematically.
  3. Students must be able to communicate mathematically.
  4. Students must learn to value mathematics.
  5. Students must develop confidence in their mathematical ability.
  6. Students must be taught in an active, participatory environment.
  7. All students must develop meaningful understandings within a common core of math concepts.
  8. Students’ understanding of math must be authentically assessed.
  9. Students must study mathematics every year, kindergarten through twelfth grade.
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