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Susan Kercher, RN
Hours: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Phone: (864) 457-2629
FAX: (864) 457-5372
 As a part of the mission of LMS to give each student every opportunity to make the most of themselves, my goal as school nurse is to promote good health among students and staff and to assist students and parents in maintaining optimum health for academic success.

Please feel free to call me if you ever have any questions or concerns about your child's health. The health room is open all school days: 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM. Please be sure to notify the school as soon as possible if you have a new phone number, so that we can reach you in case of emergency. You, or someone designated by you, will need to be available to pick up your student in case of emergency or illness that are thought to be contagious.


If your child has to have daily medication, please try to give it at home. If medication is required during the school day, please refer to the Medication Policy below.
 Nurse Kercher says:
"Eat a healthy breakfast every day!"

"Wash your hands frequently!"

"Drink plenty of water!"

"Get enough sleep!"
Health Resources for Middle School Students and Parents
What your school nurse does:
• Provide care to students who become ill while in school
• Provide basic first aid for incidents that occur during school hours
• Administer medication as ordered by a student’s physician
• Communicate with parents
• Manage chronic conditions and develop health plans for students with disabilities
• Handle life-threatening emergency situations
• Screen for conditions that impair learning, such as poor vision or hearing
• Ensure immunization compliance
• Track communicable diseases
• Promote healthy behaviors and educate children about healthy lifestyles
• Respond to student’s physical and emotional concerns
• Connect children with insurance and health care providers
• Prepare for school wide and community emergencies

What your school nurse can not do:
• Diagnose or treat illnesses or serious injuries
• Replace good medical care from a family heath care provider
If at any time you have questions regarding your child’s health,
please feel free to contact me.

Physical Address: 104 Redland Road | Landrum, SC 29356
Phone: (864) 457-2629 | Fax: (864) 457-5372
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