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Every Student MATTERS...Every Moment COUNTS!"

Landrum High School will strive to be a community of learners in which all members use their minds and bodies well and care about one another. We will engage all students with challenging academics and unique resources in order to become active citizens, responsible stewards, and academic intellects of our world.
 LHS Alma Mater

 Hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
Guardian of our days,
For thy spirit never failing
We would sing thy praise.
In thy mighty grove of learning,
Wisdom’s paths were sought.
High upon the lofty hilltop
Visions have been wrought.

Lo! She stands, our Alma Mater
Proudly sing all hail.
Far and near her glory dear,
Claims the coming year.
Loud we sing in loyalty
Of Landrum ever dear,
Shout her praises; fling her banners---
Dear Old Landrum High.

Physical Address: 18818 Asheville Highway | Campobello, SC 29322
Phone: (864) 457-2606 | Fax: (864) 468-4004
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