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Mission Statement:
 The Mission of the Superintendent’s Office is to provide leadership in all phases of school operation and to coordinate and supervise, under the policies of the Board, the creation and operation of an environment in which programs and activities are "Student-Centered" and one in which students learn most effectively.
Dear Spartanburg District One Students, Parents, Families, and Communities:

Welcome to the start of 2017 and the continuation of opportunities for our students and district. We want to share with our communities the multiple ways we continue to advance our district’s mission of providing a quality, student-centered education.

The South Carolina School Board Association designates January as School Board Recognition Month. Across the state, there are more than 600 men and women who serve in these valuable roles which support the work done by each district. I want to say a special thank you to the nine members of our board - Mr. Ronnie Blackwell, Mr. Henry Gramling, Mr. Mark Holden, Mr. Gordon Lee, Mr. Harry McMillan, Mrs. Brenda Rogers, Mr. Mark Rollins, Mr. Travis Sloan, and Mrs. Lori Walter. It is through their insight, understanding, and advocacy that our schools are able to continue to serve our students with excellent facilities, staff, and resources.

Winter season brings the possibility of inclement weather. As a district, we have a protocol developed to guarantee the safety of students during school delays and closings. Every effort is made to ensure all families receive weather information as quickly as possible. We utilize several various platforms to communicate important weather information to our families, such as social media, websites, SchoolMessenger, local news stations, and the District One app.

Just as we prepare for future weather events, every adult in each of our schools has established high expectations for each student’s future. Please watch for frequent information about grades, progress monitoring, and assessments. We know students may miss school due to illness during these months. Consistent instruction is valuable to student preparation, therefore, I know you will encourage your child to do his/her best each day. If you have not signed up for our Parent Portal, please contact your child’s school to register. This is an effective tool for you, and your child’s teacher, to maintain up-to-the-minute communication on grades and your child’s progress during the term.

Our schools are committed to your child’s success in every endeavor. However, it is the productive partnership formed between home and school that is seen by your child every day. Your encouragement and support are invaluable examples for your children on the positive impact of learning. On behalf of District One, I thank you for your efforts. If I can ever assist you or your family, please let me know.

Happy New Year!

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