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What can Reading Recovery do for my child?

• A key premise of Reading Recovery is that early intervention in first grade is critical before students enter a cycle of failure. Research shows that children who fall behind in Grade 1 tend to remain below grade level in later school years.

• Early intervention is important because the gap between the lowest- and highest- performing children is narrow in lower grades but widens later in elementary school.

• Numerous studies have examined the effectiveness of Reading Recovery for children with reading difficulties.

• Since 1984 when Reading Recovery began in the United States, about 75% of students with a full series of lessons met the criteria for successful first-grade reading and writing.

•Reading Recovery is the only intervention shown to have research-based effectiveness ratings, demonstrating "positive effects" or "potentially positive effects" in all four areas studied for effectiveness (alphabetics, fluency, comprehension, and general reading achievement), by the US Department of Education "What Works Clearinghouse".

• Although all children progress during their Reading Recovery lessons, a few do not make the accelerated progress needed to succeed without extra help. These children may be recommended for additional evaluation.

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