This is to certify that ________________________________ has my permission to ride                                                                   


FROM the ________________________________   athletic contest on ____________

                                              (Name of Sport)                                                   (Date)


At _________________________________________________                      

                                    (Location of event)


I certify that I am personally transporting the above named student.  I understand that I will have to go to the coach at the event to pick up the above named student.  I have to speak with the coach at that time and the coach will then release the above named student to me.  The above named student understands he/she has to be with the coach and only the coach can release him/her to the parent 

**The above named student will only be released to the parent and no one else**  


The reason for not riding the bus is __________________________________________



   (Reason must be sufficiently urgent to family needs to justify not riding the bus and must be approved by the athletic director or principal.)


I understand that the Landrum High School Athletic Rules require that students ride the buses to


and from all athletic events and a departure from this requirement will release Spartanburg


School District One from all liability for any adverse occurrences.  I agree to release Spartanburg


School District One and its employees and officers from all liability with reference to the above


stated transportation.  This form has to be completed and approved and given to the head coach


prior to the scheduled event. 



  Signature of Parent/Guardian                                       ____Approved   ____ Not Approved                                     

*____________________________________              __________________________________

  Signature of above named student                                   Signature of Athletic Director or Principal



**ALL athletes are to ride with the team TO games/matches on the activity bus provided by the District.



Revised 10/2006