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Social Studies

Social Studies

Collins, Erin
Driggers, Brent
Lu, Robin
McKinney, Mike
Pruitt, Aaron
Steadings, Joshua
Steadings, Joshua
Social Studies
Social Studies
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Let's make this a fantastic 2015-2016!

Mr. Driggers - brent.driggers@spart1.org 

Mr. McKinney - mike.mckinney@spart1.org

Mrs. Lu - robin.lu@spart1.org

Mr. Steadings - joshua.steadings@spart1.org

Mr. Pruitt - aaron.pruitt@spart1.org

Mrs. Collins - erin.collins@spart1.org

Academic Assistance

   All Mabry teachers offer Academic Assistance one afternoon a week.   If you would like academic assistance in any of your classes, please check with your teachers about which day they are available.  


 You must bring a note from your parents stating that they know you will be working until 4pm with that teacher.  You should report to that teacher as soon as you are dismissed from your 7th period class.  PLEASE make sure your ride is here at 4 pm.

*Makeup Policy*

Just a reminder that if a student is absent, he/she is responsible for coming to the teachers to see what was missed. If work needs to be made up, the student has 5 days to do so. After the 5 days, the grade will result in an automatic zero. 


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