Make Up Day Announcement

Mark your calendars! As of today, we have missed five days of school due to inclement weather. State law requires that students make up at least 3 days which are built into our calendar. This year, our built in make up days are February 19, March 30, and June 4.

Due to missing school on 9/11 (Hurricane Irma), 1/8, 1/17, 1/18, and 1/19, students will now attend school on February 19, March 30, and June 4. 

Once the three built in make up days have been used, state law allows local school boards to forgive up to 3 additional days once the built in days have been made up. At this point, we will propose for our board to forgive 1/18 and 1/19, which will give them the ability to forgive one additional day, should we have any other inclement weather closures.

In the event that we exceed 6 days missed, the State Board of Education has the ability to forgive up to 3 additional days. Should a district miss 10 or more days, it's up to the state legislature to forgive the additional days.

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