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Poetry Alive Visits OPE

On Monday, April 17  and Tuesday, April 18, the students of O.P. Earle Elementary and Landrum Middle School had the pleasure of working with

Poetry Alive.  Poetry Alive‚Äôs performances are focused on connecting students to text.  They operate using a two person team to deliver high energy and integrated performances.  They bring poetry alive by engaging students to the learning process of poetry.  

At Landrum Middle School, Poetry Alive performed for 6th grade Gifted and Talented students as well as 7th and 8th grade theatre students.  Students who were incorporated into poetry performed aloud with Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  They covered multiple genres, covering poets like Poe, Dickenson, Shakespeare and some more modern poets.  At O.P. Earle,  Poetry Alive performed for the third and fifth grade students using adventure poems and classic poetry.

On Monday evening, students, teachers, families, and Poetry Alive were invited to the Landrum Depot for a Kessler Cultural Evening.  

This residency is made possible through the Mary F. Kessler Fund of The

Polk County  Community Foundation.  

Goals of this grants are to:

  • Provide community outreach, establish a positive relationship

in support of the arts, and to increase community and cultural

awareness by encouraging participation through this project.   

  • Provide STEAM based educational opportunities for the community

and to enrich the lives of our local citizens through the arts.

  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity in

arts integration through school-wide, district-wide and regional

professional development.

  • Make quality arts experiences available to all school-age children,

during the school day, through Artists in Residence, and partnerships

with local art resources.

  • Creating memories through the naming event, Kessler Cultural Evening,

is designed around the focus of the Artist in Residence.  The historic

Landrum Depot location was chosen to welcome more community involvement and to further support partnerships with Landrum businesses.