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Raider Team
Our Raider Team has won 5 State Championships in the last 6 years! It is the most physically and mentally demanding team you can participate in, not just in the JROTC program, but likely in the entire school. A meet consists of a MAPFT (Modified Army Physical Fitness Test consisting of 1-2 minutes of push-ups, 1-2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 1 mile run), a one rope bridge, litter carry, logistics relay, truck pull, and a 5K run.  Raider is a very unique sport. It develops total fitness as opposed to focusing on a certain skill. 
Our Archery Team is our newest addition to the Cardinal Battalion. In it, cadets are taught how to shoot with a bow, with accuracy and speed being major focuses. SFC Schulman teaches this team; he does an excellent job at motivating the cadets to better themselves, as opposed to focusing on being the "best" at the sport. 
Rifle Team
Despite some setbacks, our rifle team is finally back in working order! Unfortunately, the rifle team had been unavailable for the last two years due to broken rifles, and difficulties finding new ones, but with the new rifles finally available, we've been able to start it back up!
SFC Schulman teaches the rifle team how to properly prepare, aim, and fire their rifles from various distances and stances, as well as teaching them proper gun safety. Much like the archery team, a lot of effort is put into helping the cadets better themselves, as opposed to being the absolute best all the time.  
Big Brother/Big Sister
The Big Brother/Big Sister program is our community service program. Cadets volunteer to help out in the community in various ways, such as cleaning up trash, planting flags for veterans, building ramps for the disabled, and much more. We're currently the only JROTC in the nation to have a program like this, and we hope that others soon follow suit.  

Physical Address: 18818 Asheville Highway | Campobello, SC 29322
Phone: (864) 457-2606 | Fax: (864) 468-4004
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