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World History 7-1.1 –

1. Europeans risked their lives sailing to the unknown because: They wanted to find a water passage to India and China

2. The travels of European explorers during the Age of Discovery impacted maps because: Maps became more accurate as new land was found
3. The explorers effect of Europeans finding new lands was: Explorers enslaved native Americans and Africans
4. Europeans countries were interested in establishing colonies in Asia because they wanted to control the spice trade.
5. Lateen Sails enabled the Portuguese sailors to sail into and with the wind.
6. The role that the Spanish conquistadors played in establishing colonies in North and South America was: They used military defeat the natives population
7. Mapmaker is a cartographer.
8. Ferdinand Magellan claimed the Philippine Islands for Spain.
9. The first voyage to sail or circumnavigate around the world was the significance of Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage which began in 1519.
10. The Portuguese were able to explore other parts of the world by sea because: they had better ships and navigational tools
11. While Columbus sailed East, Portugal was more interested in sailing around Africa
12. Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the West Indies in 1492 caused Other European countries to spend Explorers to claim land
13. Where did the English establish their first permanent settlement in North America?
14. Which South American country was originally colonized by the Portuguese? Brazil
15. The following were advancements in exploration. Astrolabe, sextant, lateen sails, compass, Caravel ships
16. Which explorer established the first permanent French settlement in North America at Quebec Samuel de Champlain
17. Which Asian Country was once a Spanish Colony? Philippines
18. Portugal’s goals in the 1500’s was: to control the spice trade
19. The Treaty of Tordesilla divided South America between which two countries? Spain and Portugal
20. Which Portuguese explorer was the first to reach the Southern tip of Africa? B. Dias
21. Answer Bank:

To control the spice trade; sextant, astrolabe, lateen sails; Africa; Spain/Portugal; Dias; The Philippines; Samuel de Champlain; Jamestown, Virginia; Brazil; Other European countries sent explorers to claim land in the New World; It was the first voyage to circumnavigate, or sail around, the globe; The Spice Trade; Maps became more accurate as new lands were found; they had better ships and navigational tools; Ferdinand Magellan; Lateen sails; One who makes maps; The explorers enslaved Native Americans and Africans; Europeans wanted to find a water passage to India and China for goods.

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