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What do I need to have for registration?
You need proof of residency, such as a lease or rental agreement, a property deed, or tax receipt. A packet of other forms including bus, internet, and medical, must be completed and returned. If the student is transferring from another school, we will request records, including a transcript.

I'm looking to buy a house. How do I know what district it is in?
Chapman High School's Student Services office can tell you if you are in our district, or you can type specific addresses in at on the tax assessor's page.

What do I do if I do not live in your district, but wish for my child to attend your school?
You may speak with Mr. Pace, Assistant Principal, to find out information regarding paying tuition to our district.

How do I get a cafeteria account?
Our cafeteria staff will gladly help you in this process. You may contact Mrs. Scruggs, cafeteria manager, or go to the cafeteria and request a number.

How do I have a transcript sent to college?
Mr. Pace, Assistant Principal, or the guidance office staff can provide you the necessary paperwork to request a transcript.

How can I obtain a copy of grades for insurance purposes?
Mr. Pace, Assistant Principal, or the guidance office staff can provide you the necessary paperwork to obtain a copy of grades.

Where do I get a paper for homebound/reduced lunch?
For homebound forms, see Mrs. Shanesy in Attendance, for a reduced/free lunch form, see Mrs. Mathis in the front office. You can also check with Mr. Pace, or the cafeteria manager for homebound and/or free/reduced lunch forms. 

How do I know what bus to ride?
Mrs Walker, assistant principal can assist you in this matter. You may also call the Student Services office.

What are Life Scholarship requirements?
An entering freshman must meet two of the following three criteria:
Rank in the top 30% of graduating class
Score a minimum 1100 SAT/24 ACT (critical reading and math scores only)
Earn a minimum 3.90 cumulative GPA

Do you have medicine that you can give my child if he/she comes to see you?
All medication must be brought from home in the original container(s) and the appropriate paper work must be on file in the nurse's office. Please call the school nurse, Nurse Tolleson, if you have any questions. 

What happens if an emergency occurs?
The school will first contact the parent. If the parent is unavailable, the school will then proceed to the next name listed on the emergency contact list. It is preferable to have at least 3 possible emergency contacts.

Is my child at school?
If your child does not show up for school, you will receive a call through our automated school messenger between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. You are also welcome to call the attendance office to check.

How may I get my child excused for being absent?
The school will accept five written parent excuses and three tardy excuses. Medical excuses are not limited. Unlawful excuses will result in truancy hearings.

How can I get my child out early?
The parent may come by the school and sign his/her child out, once they provide a picture id. The parent may also send a note to the Attendance office. The note must include a phone number where the parent can be reached. Attendance personnel will then contact the parent to verify that the student has permission to leave.

How can I get a message to my child?
Call the front office and they will notify your child as quickly as possible.

Physical Address: 1420 Compton Bridge Road | Inman, SC 29349
Phone: 864-472-2836 | Fax: 864-472-0914
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