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Mission Statement

The mission of Jr. Beta in Spartanburg School District One is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among students in grades 5-9.

Identification Procedures

District One Schools follows the guidelines as set by the National Beta Club which allows each local chapter to define the academic eligibility criteria. In District One Schools students receive an invitation to become a member in grades 5-8 at the end of first semester provided the student has a minimum of a 90 overall average in ELA, math, science and social studies. This average is not rounded.

Membership Expectations

Members of Jr. Beta must remain in good standing. In addition to the academic expectation members are expected to:

¨ Regular attendance at Jr. Beta Club member meetings

¨ One time enrollment fee of $20.00 due by deadline set by school sponsors

¨ Participation in service projects is required

¨ Attendance at Induction Ceremony is required

Probation and Suspension

A member of the National Junior Beta Club may be dropped from membership if his scholastic record falls below an average of 90 in all core subjects.

However, no member may be dropped from membership for scholastic deficiency without being afforded a probationary period of one semester to raise his scholastic record above the minimum required for membership.

A member will be dropped for behavioral misconducts such as out-of-school suspension, no more than two in-school suspensions, or various discipline referrals as determined by the club’s sponsors and administration.

Once a student is dropped for any reason, reinstatement will be determined one calendar year from the date of membership revocation, pending the student meets criteria for eligibility for reinstatement.

Jr. Beta Club Pledge

I hereby declare that I shall always strive

To be honest and truthful at all times;

To maintain a creditable scholastic record;

To be of service to my teachers and


To conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit

Upon my school and community

Physical Address: 9251 Highway 9 | Inman, SC 29349
Phone: 864-592-1970 | Fax: 864-592-2010
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