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SOLID - Player Development Program

Our Program
The design of Chapman Panther Football is to develop highly trained and highly motivated football players. More so, our goal is to develop extremely committed husbands, fathers, employers, and employees. We want to develop men who can lead themselves, their families, and others in a positive, proactive and loving fashion. All aspects of the player development program are designed to develop men and women who possess the tools to be SOLID in the face of adversity.
S: Iron Sharpens Iron.  O: Own It.  L: Lead.  I: Integrity.  D: Develop the Unflinchable.
We desire to help our young people recognize, understand, and communicate who they are. We intend to help them understand that this may change as the seasons of life change. They should be able to recognize their calling and whether they are answering this call or not. In order to be highly successful at their calling and the relationships they encounter, they must know themselves. We will use various tools and situations to help the players recognize their cognitive, emotional and social talents, strengths and weaknesses.
We want them to know themselves and be able to verbally articulate their story. We do not want our players to love the game more than anything else in life. We want them to love the people in their lives the most. We want them to be able to put football, or whatever the task at hand, in the appropriate place. We desire to give them the tool set to be able to recognize when they are and are not doing this. Our players should be able to develop their own vision and purpose and articulate what this looks like in their lives.
As we work to develop these interpersonal skills, we desire to expose everyone associated with our program to great educators. We desire to have experts model and teach how to practically apply the information we present, as well as provide active opportunities to participate. These educators will be trained in the area they are addressing, but more importantly live or have lived the information they are providing.
We humbly invite you to join us in our mission by becoming a financial supporter of the SOLID program. We are grateful for any and all support from our dedicated community and look forward to the opportunities this program will provide our students.

Please send sponsorships to:
CHS Booster Club / TD c/o Coach Mark Hodge
Chapman High School | PO Box 389 | Inman, SC 29349
(Please include Sponsor Name, Phone Number, Email)

Physical Address: 1420 Compton Bridge Road | Inman, SC 29349
Phone: 864-472-2836 | Fax: 864-472-0914
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