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Discovering Speech and Language


Inman Elementary School

About our program:

We help students that are having difficulty with articulation, expressive/receptive language, voice, and fluency skills.

In Speech Therapy, the students have fun learning to be better communicators. Playing games, making crafts, reading books and role-playing are just a few of the many fun activities that are incorporated in speech therapy as the students focus on their target sounds, language, fluency or voice skills.

Speech Therapists:
     Cindy Freeman                      Dr. Linda Harris 
***Everyday Activities at home to enhance speech and language development in conversations:

1. As you do your chores, ask your child to follow you from room to room. Talk together about what you like to do in each room.

2. Help your child convey information in a logical order when speaking. Before dressing, talk about the clothes she/he is going to wear. Then, ask your child what he/she is going to put on first, second, last.

3. Make specific facial expressions and ask your child to tell you the feeling shown on your face. Talk about what makes you feel happy, sad, angry, excited or afraid.

***Reference: Talking on the Go by Dorothy P. Dougherty, MA,CCC-SLP,

Diane R. Paul, PhD, CCC-SLP

If you would like to learn more about speech and language, check out the following websites:,,, handouts)

      If you have questions or concerns about your child’s speech, please feel free to contact us at Inman Elementary School: 864-472-8403

“Pass it along, Speech and Language are fun!”

Physical Address: 25 Oakland Avenue | Inman, SC 29349
Phone: (864) 472-8403 | Fax: (864) 472-7839
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