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Garner Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Art Education

Congratulations to Dr. Ron Garner for being named the Thomas A. Hatfield Lifetime Achievement Award recipient by the South Carolina Art Education Association!


This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a life-long commitment to teaching and promotion of art education. Dr. Garner has exemplified his commitment to arts integration by prioritizing the visual and performing arts programs in all Spartanburg One schools. 


Under Dr. Garner’s leadership, six of Spartanburg One’s ten schools have been designated as Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) and four as Distinguished Arts Program (DAP) sites. Spartanburg One has added multiple arts specialists in the areas of music, band, theatre, orchestra, visual arts, and GT arts and dance. Student artwork is recognized throughout the district in Principal Art Galleries to showcase visual artwork at every school site, including Swofford Career Center. Both Spartanburg One high schools have developed rigorous Honors and AP Performing Arts courses in chorus, orchestra, visual art, theatre, dance and band.  In addition,  performance venues have been created at Inman Intermediate School, New Prospect Elementary, and Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary School.  Dr. Garner’s vision for the arts has also been extended outside of the school buildings, through an arts integration segment that was added to the monthly School Board of Trustees meetings.


Spartanburg One has forged numerous partnerships with state and local arts organizations such as the Kennedy Center Partners in Education, Ballet Spartanburg, Chapman Cultural Center, Tryon Fine Arts Center, Spartanburg Community Foundation, Polk County Community Foundation, and the Peace Center to provide schools with rich comprehensive, sustainable programs. Additionally, Spartanburg One has received substantial arts grant funding from local and state partnerships.


Dr. Garner was the 2013 South Carolina Art Education Association Art Advocate of the Year and the 2016 recipient of the Ray Doughty Arts Integration Award by the South Carolina Alliance for Arts Education.